Why Kobus ?

In 2016, we made one statement.
There was no simple and relevant way for professionals to diagnosis and follow-up patients in rehabilitation.
No centralized and secured solution to gather all their patient data and not lose time in paper works.
No solution to make sure they were always scientifically up to date to assess their patients.
No solution to measure and communicate results with their peers and with the patients themselves.
No way to benefit from theirs peers’ experience and scientific research to get better results with their patients.
Kobus was born.

The team behind Kobus

Laura Beaulier

CEO, co-founder

Sonia Perelroizen

COO, co-founder

Rodrigo Reyes

CTO, co-founder

Benoit Sibileau

CSO, co-founder

Freta Houangbe

Customer success

Paul Pourtout


Gauthier Deroo


Margaux Dacquin

Scientific Technical Writer

Khalil Cadi

Digital marketing and communication officer

Justine Penneroux

Product Owner Assistant, QA Tester

Raphaël Tournier

In charge of universities and students partnership